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Jacqueline Lee
Palms Skin Studio

Jacqueline Lee

20 - 05 - 24

Introducing our newest Coven woman Jacqueline Lee, long time friend to Sans and owner of brilliant Palms Skin Studio.

Imagery by Grace Yasemin Gemuhluoglu.

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Ritual with friends, family and loved ones...

Tucking my two little girls down to bed - Juno likes to squish her face between every rung on her cot for a kiss, so we do this up the entire length and back before she lays on her tummy for me to stroke her hair.  Then Rudy and I curl in her bed, she tucks her toes in between my legs and pulls the sheet right up over our heads to talk about her day, or go on an imaginary adventure before she rolls over for back tickles and then pulls my hand under her wee chin and drifts off.  Our night ritual is the highlight of my every day.

Ritual for productivity...

Setting my intentions for the next day every night before I sleep in a neat little list, then I rest knowing all my thoughts are on paper, and I wake up with a focus and a plan.

Ritual for creativity...

I rise early, stretch, breathe and meditate.

Ritual for rest and recuperation...

Slipping into a delicious set of velvety cotton sheets on bare skin, with a warm wheat pack and a book.

Ritual for self love...

Delicately caring for my client’s skin and nurturing them makes my heart so happy and content, purely for myself––I bathe - my salt lamp glowing, incense, music, and a splash of Japanese whiskey over ice.

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Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil

"I use this for everything, I adore it for so many reasons - the ritual of massaging it into my skin, into the girl’s skin, into my client’s skin - I love that it contains beautiful topical lipids and essential fatty acids, and gentle Vitamin A for cellular repair and regeneration. It is sublimely nourishing and restorative - and there is a depth to the scent that warms my soul, it is wonderfully feminine." –– Jacqueline Lee, Palms Skin Studio

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