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Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Imagery by Jessica Tremp

17 - 06 - 24

Continuing in our Sustenance month celebrations, we are excited to introduce Julia Busuttil Nishimura –– Mama to Haruki, Italian language teacher and creator of the brilliant food blog & cookbook, OSTRO.

Julia’s approach to food favours intuition over strict rules and is about using your hands, rushing a little less and savouring the details. She creates food that slowly weaves its way into the fabric of your daily life–– food for living and sharing.

We love Julia for her generous, uncomplicated, seasonal food and were lucky enough to catch up with this wonder woman & little Haruki at their Melbourne home to talk about her daily rituals…

Julia Ostro Jessica Tremp 8

Ritual with friends, family & loved ones…

Our family Saturday ritual is first coffee at a local cafe. We usually make coffee during the week at home, but weekends is a nice time for us to all go out together. Then we'll head to the farmer's market and pick up groceries for the week. Sometimes we will have lunch out, but usually we'll come home and cook a nice fresh and seasonal lunch with the produce we've bought. This often starts with fresh bread and olive oil. I might make a simple pasta dish or a pie and then the meal will always end with a special cheese we've picked up. These days are lazy and long and we try not to commit to much and just spend time at home and enjoy each other's company. 

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Ritual to rejuvenate…

For me, sleep is the most rejuvenating act. I try and go to sleep early because I never know how much sleep I will get during the night with a wakeful toddler. I usually listen to a podcast before bed and then drift off. Even if I'm woken a little during the night, I usually always feel really rejuvenated. 

Ritual for productivity & organisation…

Keeping a list of things I need to do or complete is really helpful for me. I always feel like I've got a thousand things I need to keep on top of, so writing it all down in my diary helps me gain clarity and then I can work through it in a logical order. When I have a deadline or a recipe I need to get right, I usually put some classical music on and put my phone on airplane mode. I'm very easily distracted with emails and social media but I'm slowly finding a better balance, especially when working on longer projects. 

Ritual for creativity & inspiration…

The market is one of the most inspiring places for me. It sets the tone for the week and I usually always buy at least one ingredient that I've never cooked with. Second to that are my cookbooks. I don't tend to read a lot of new books but prefer the works of people like Elizabeth David, Patience Gray and Claudia Roden who I find so inspiring. I will often find myself sitting with their books for hours without realising it. Their writing and stories really draw you in and it feeds my curiosity.  

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order…

I really try and keep our home calm and ordered especially because it can easily become chaotic with toys and general business. I love to buy flowers every week – bringing nature inside the house automatically makes everything feel more serene. Cooking together as a family also brings order to our home – it's really grounding being in the kitchen and just using your hands to create a meal. Haruki loves to help and I think it slowly teaches patience, which is something that is really important.

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