Protecting the planet is one of our highest priorities. Our manufacturing processes were developed in consultation with an Environmental Science professor to ensure the environmental soundness of our ingredients and packaging, from creation to post-use. We believe in full transparency and are always reviewing our systems to see how we can do better.

  • We use 100 percent recyclable aluminium foil tubes that can be placed in your recycling bin.
  • Our packaging comes in PET, BPA-free, food-grade plastic. To reduce the amount of virgin plastic in our product packaging, we are transitioning to post-consumer recycled plastic by the end of 2021.
  • All ingredients are 100 percent biodegradable.
  • All ingredients are from sustainable resources.
  • Products are designed to be multifunctional, reducing consumption and waste.
  • We use vegetable dyes for all print material.
  • All packages are delivered in 100% paper packaging.
  • Packaging is kept to the bare minimum.
  • Our power is sourced from a provider that uses renewable energy.
  • Wherever possible shipments are sent via seafreight.
  • All our international packages are delivered to customers in a carbon-neutral manner. We are in the process of establishing this for national (NZ) deliveries.
  • We are set to launch a circular, refillable solution in the second half of 2021.
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