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The skin is our largest organ and absorbs 70 percent of what is applied to its surface.

Because what your products don’t contain is just as important as what they do, we use only pure and sustainable ingredients with no harmful additives.

Sans [ceuticals] is without:
animal testing, artificial colours or bleaches, artificial fragrances, aluminium/alumina, mineral oils, sulfates, silicones, steroids, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, vinyls, PEGs, PPG, DEAS, TEA.

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Active + Effective

Purity alone is not enough; today we also demand results.

We dial up active ingredients to high-dose levels to stimulate cell regeneration, relieve sensitive skin conditions, reduce scar tissue and repair the internal structure of damaged hair.

About Multifunctional



From superior haircare to next-level skin repair, our multifunctional solutions have you covered. Calibrated to deliver results, they simplify daily rituals while also minimising clutter and waste.

Dr. Fergus Oliver, a leading dermatologist and former President of the Australasian Dermatopathology Society, asserts that we are doing too much to our skin. This observation is informed by his frequent encounters with inflammation and skin sensitivity caused by overly-complicated skincare regimens and irritants found in many beauty products.

Our multifunctional approach means you use fewer products more frequently, simplifying your skincare routine and ensuring the potency and freshness of our ingredients.

About Seasonal



Seasonal shifts can have a dramatic effect on your skin and hair. One season may require nourishment and hydration, another exfoliation and repair. For luminous skin and hair, we recommend a tailored approach.

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Climate Positive Landscape



Protecting the planet is one of our highest priorities. Our manufacturing processes were developed in consultation with an Environmental Science professor to ensure the environmental soundness of our ingredients and packaging, from creation to post-use. We believe in full transparency and are always reviewing our systems to see how we can do better.

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Lucy Vincent

In a career spanning two decades, Lucy Vincent’s fresh, uncontrived approach to hair and beauty has made her an icon in her native New Zealand.

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