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In a career spanning two decades, Lucy Vincent’s fresh, uncontrived approach to hair and beauty has made her an icon in her native Aotearoa New Zealand.

Vincent’s experience running three influential hair and beauty clinics, a string of visionary international collaborations, and multiple top Australasian hairdressing awards have firmly cemented her status as an industry maven.

At the heart of Vincent’s success is an unerring instinct for the zeitgeist. With a core focus on wellbeing and natural science, she set about working with a team of Aotearoa New Zealand’s top scientists and cell biologists.

“The more I learned how ingredients and cells work, the more I desired to create a product that was good for both our bodies and the environment while delivering real results.”

Vincent describes her specialist skin and hair care collection as “a convergence of everything that really matters to me; it is pure, sustainable, highly active and considered.”

Image by Kelly Geddes

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