Sans [Ceuticals]

without unnecessary or
harmful ingredients

Specialist Skin + Hair Care


Combining clean ingredients with luxurious formulations, our hair collection repairs the internal structure of damaged hair, bringing it into a healthy and naturally beautiful state.

Each performance-based formulation is crafted with the ideal ratios of lipids, small molecular proteins and moisture-retaining actives to nourish and maintain softness, resilience and shine.

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"Since using Activator 7 Oil on my face I haven’t had any eczema for 4-5 months. An added bonus –– all my blemishes & spots have all but gone now too." — Kate, New Zealand


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The French word ‘sans’ means ‘without’

The Sans [ceuticals] collection is pure, clean and without any unnecessary or harmful ingredients. Developed by beauty industry expert Lucy Vincent on the pristine shores of New Zealand, Sans concentrates your daily beauty regime to a concise selection of effective and multifunctional products.

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