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09 - 06 - 23

As part of our Sustenance celebrations this month, we interview Camille Becerra––legendary chef, mama to Paloma and all round magic woman. A New Jersey native, Camille is the director and executive chef at all-day eatery De Maria in Downtown New York City where her food showcases a commitment to wholesome, seasonal and local ingredients.

After studying macrobiotic cuisine and cooking for cancer patients in Philadelphia, Becerra moved to a Zen monastery in New Mexico, where she cooked vegetarian meals for the monks, sourcing ingredients from the on-premises garden. Now, with close to 20 years of restaurant experience, her passion for restaurant culture & kitchen life is a force to be reckoned with.

We have huge admiration for this talented lady!

Camille 93

Ritual for self love…

Letting go of stress through meditation, reflexology sessions, evening tea, chakra alignment youtube videos and pink salt baths and scrubs.

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Camille 79

Ritual with friends, family and loved ones…

Dinner on Sundays, which is usually roast chicken or fresh pasta, with my daughter Paloma. Going up to Bear Mountain for a hike.

Ritual for productivity…

Without fail, daily and monthly lists and an early morning bike ride to get the juices flowing.

Ritual for creativity…

A trip to a farmers market, spice market or ethnic food market to be inspired. Carving out time to write ideas and develop a stream of consciousness.

Ritual for rest and recuperation…

A trip to the sea. Spending the entire day at home without leaving and taking a nap or two throughout the day, and sometimes a very necessary massage and steam.

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