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Kai Avent de Leon

01 - 08 - 17

Kai Avent de Leon is the proprietor of Sincerely Tommy, a concept store and coffee shop in Brooklyn's blossoming Bed-Stuy neighborhood. Fostering a sense of community, Sincerely Tommy is a calm and beautifully curated hang-out spot, and an unexpected source for lesser-known fashion and jewellery lines, tokens from de Leon’s travels, and the store’s recently launched namesake clothing label. A thoughtful entrepreneur, de Leon is dedicated to nourishing herself so that she can do the same for others; frequently travelling to far-flung destinations to cultivate her inner world, rather than getting swept-up in a social media feedback loop. The result is an interesting and eclectic life well lived, and a business that reflects it.

Photographs by Ana Kraš

Sans Woman

Ritual for Productivity…

I’m not good at that at all! I try to practice a lot of self-care, which then applies to anything I do for work. Yoga and meditation is important. I usually work from home—I like to be in a quiet place with very minimal distractions. I’m a big to-do list person, so I’ll make a daily one and check things off as I go. I try to keep things simple. I’ve taken on the concept of working more efficiently rather than a lot, and making sure I don’t burn out.

Ritual for Self-Care…

As of late I haven’t been as disciplined, but when I was, I was making it a point when I woke up to do Thank Yous. Going to sleep, I put my phone and computer in another room and practice positive affirmations. Day-to-day, I make sure I’m eating healthy and drinking enough water—doing things that make me feel light, because I’m running around a lot. I’ll do yoga at 10am then grab a shake and a wheatgrass shot from the juice bar—I keep that routine as much as possible. If I’m travelling, I’ll find a yoga class. I also travel to places that allow for therapeutic practices, so it’s a nice balance. I recently went on a solo camping trip to Arizona, which was really nice. And earlier this year I went to Kenya to the Samburu village, which is a village run by women. You’re working with them, eating with them... All of my trips have that element. I like to go to places where there’s not a lot of tourism and is off the beaten track.

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Ritual for Creativity…

Travelling. And the people who I surround myself with. In the past I was better at staying up-to-date with what’s going on, but now I try to go to more obscure places for inspiration.

Ritual for Calm and Order…

Yoga. Also, talking out loud really helps and is really therapeutic. In a third-person voice, not talking my thoughts out loud!

Ritual to Rejuvenate…

Yoga again! When I feel most rejuvenated is when I’m practicing self-care.  

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