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Jen Steele

18 - 07 - 17

Writer, photographer, and filmmaker Jen Steele is a born storyteller. Moving fluidly through mediums, the common thread in her work is a sense of intimacy, honesty and femininity. We first discovered Jen through her project Girls I Know, where she documented the stories of her circle of brilliant women in New York, fostering a community of likeminded ladies that we’re now happy to be a part of. Currently working on her debut short film, which she just wrapped shooting on in her home state of Wisconsin, Jen is a gentle soul with a strong mind and a sharp eye, who consistently inspires and encourages us. We visited Jen at home in Brooklyn, where we geeked-out about film photography, ate bananas and she shared her (quick and to the point!) daily rituals…

Photographed by Nastassia Bruckin.

Jen Steele

Sans Woman

Ritual for self-love…

Reading, learning.

Ritual with friends, family and loved ones…

Cook for them, take their portrait.


Ritual for productivity…


Ritual for creativity…

Being near a body of water.

Ritual for rest and recuperation…


Sans Journal

Sans Sustenance Thepenicillin 2


The Penicillin

Ready for a cocktail? Our versatile version of the Penicillin is refreshing in the summer and warming in the winter....

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