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18 - 09 - 21

Introducing Hannah Henderson –– founder of the iconic General Store Venice.

Known for her perfectly laid back Californian style, Hannah works with her partner John Moore to create a supportive design community dedicated to showcasing local artists & California-made wares. Their much loved space offers the very best vintage and handcrafted clothing, accessories and housewares.

Just a short trip around the corner from their shop, we shared an afternoon in the sunshine with Hannah and her babes Lennon & Costa at home...

Ritual for creativity and inspiration...

For inspiration I love to people watch.  I am 100 times more inspired by an older woman I see on the street than any fashion magazine.

Ritual to rejuvenate...

To rejuvenate, I spend time alone.  Or listen to music... really listen to it.

Ritual with loved ones...

I love laying in bed with my kids at the end of a day and spending time talking.

Ritual for productivity & organisation...

I love to get something done the moment I think about it or have an inspired thought.  If I put it off until later, all of the wind has left my sails.

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order...

I get out of town.  When I leave my bubble of day to day responsibilities I gain perspective and the chaos of everyday life withers away.

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