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Beatrice Valenzuela

Imagery by Nastassia Brückin

31 - 01 - 18

To celebrate the launch of our Valentine's Tantric Bathing Kit, we interview Beatrice Valenzuela –– Talented designer, co-founder of Echo Park Craft Fair and wonderful mama to Dmitri & Astrid. Inspired by the light and colours of both her native home Mexico and her adopted hometown of Los Angeles, Beatrice is known and loved for her vibrant designs, generous heart & passion for community and bringing people together. We are thrilled to share Beatrice's rituals for everyday life and making a meaningful connection this Valentine's Day.

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Ritual to rejuvenate...

Taking a luxurious bath with all my special potions. I enjoy doing a mask while conditioning my hair. I like to listen to something beautiful while I sit in warm water. I come out feeling like a little babe. 

Ritual for creativity & inspiration...

I love to get deep into a story told in the form of a book or a film. I sometimes spend hours listening to books on audible. One of the most glorious places to be for me is in my own imagination where I can create new universes filled with colour, fragrance, delicious sensuous food and nature everywhere. 

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Ritual with friends, family & loved ones...

Taking baths or outdoor showers with my children are my favourite thing to do. I love washing them and sometimes they'll scrub my back for me. It's so sweet and always bonding. I hope we get to do it forever even after they've grown up. 

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Ritual for productivity & organisation...

Going through my objects and eliminating things I don't feel any connection with anymore. I donate, sell or give them away to people that need and want them. I try and always let go of something old if I bring in something new. It doesn't always happen of course. Life moves very fast now so things do tend to pile up. 

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order...

Lighting a candle or incense always brings calm. Another ritual that balances me well is arranging fresh flowers. Trimming them and then making arrangements in different vases then placing them all around my home. 

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Ritual for connection...

I love eating and drinking with people. It's my favourite way to converse and enjoy someone's company. I really enjoy cooking, making tea or a cocktail and spending time sharing stories.

Ritual to be present and connected...

Once I'm in the presence of someone else, I tend to focus on that person. Most of the people I engage with in my world I feel attracted to in some way. I let myself completely go into that moment by letting go of the past, of the future and preconceived shallow notions. It's so nice to look into someone's eyes and hear what they have to say. If you honestly want to be there you will. If you find it hard then you're probably not interested. 

The secret to making a connection deeper...

Listening will make your connection deeper but also participating in the exchange by offering something. It's really in the exchange when the electricity will spark. If you come from an honest and vulnerable place and the person you are with is open, the magic will happen. If they aren't open I suggest you move on or make it short.



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