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Elisabeth Vidal, Designer

Elizabeth Vidal, Designer

17 - 01 - 20

Welcomed into the private home of Elisabeth Vidal on her 52nd birthday says much about the French designer’s warmth and enthusiasm, even before we delve into her sublime catalogue of collaborative projects, including ceramics, furniture and interiors. With a focus on working with artisans throughout Italy, France, Portugal and Japan, Elisabeth’s research on the essential object finds its foundations in tactile apprehension and gestures.

Originally a graduate from the ESDI in Paris, Elisabeth has spent many years working and tutoring in Milan, living with her husband and two children. A few years ago, they moved back to Montpellier where Elisabeth grew up, and it is here, we meet and spend the morning speaking about personal maps and the importance of taking the time to live.

Images by Mary Gaudin

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If you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired, how do go about transforming your thoughts?

In this case, I love to transform my thoughts into sketches. I draw myself as a little silhouette in the middle of the page and start to organize my different thoughts around me, into some physical presence. It is also nice to see those personal maps later on.

What practices do you have around analyzing or being critical of your own work?

Giving myself time is very important. ‘Never fall in love with your own ideas’ is also a good base. I try to ask myself the right questions and to respond in an objective way.

As my work focuses on human uses, the analysis of gestures, using storyboards, is a good way to check if the result is essential enough.

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How do you overcome feeling anxious or nervous?

Meditation is my favorite way. I sit on the floor, put my hands on my legs, close my eyes, and start. My concentration goes to respiration, body tensions, thoughts coming in and out, and sounds surrounding me. 20 minutes pass very quickly.

How do you manage boundaries in relation to technical devices?

Since I use a Bullet journal, paper and pencil are perfect for me. And in this sense, I will profit from a lack of technical devices to enjoy the handmade work.

Even my agenda is on the paper. All the important information about period of my life and work are on it. It is a nice way to keep calm.

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What rituals do you practice in taking care of yourself?

Rituals of the morning are the most relevant for me. After breakfast I love to have little warm bath, feeling the clear water’s pressure over my entire body. Before I leave home and go to my design studio, I enjoy taking a look at my green plants and giving them some water, if necessary.

On Saturday mornings, I go to the market and buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. This trip always goes together with a convivial moment at the bar on the corner, named "la cigale". There, once a week, I'm sure to find friends and to share the feeling that we are taking the time to live. It is a very relaxing moment.

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