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Stevie Dance

Stevie Dance

12 - 11 - 19

Australian stylist and photographer Stevie Dance is responsible for making the fashion industry fall in love with character.

Avid readers of the first issues of RUSSH will remember it’s progressive aesthetic and politically minded voice: celebrating youth, sex, curiosity and authenticity. But what readers were actually enjoying is the vision and voice of Stevie Dance, who led the magazine in its beginning years. She is credited as a stylist, but her insight penetrates deeper than that. Now living and working in New York + Los Angeles, Stevie is sharing creative direction and written essays for some of the industry’s most prominent titles & fashion houses, plus driving her sustainably-minded personal project, The Feel Studio Inc.

We visit Stevie at her LA home in her newest role as a mother to her beautiful son Harmony.

Stevie Dance

Sans Woman

If you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired, how do go about transforming your thoughts?

I've always found that if I need to move my mind, heart or feelings, then I move my body first. The rest just follows. Sometimes I forget how simple the solution can be. The same formula works when I feel anxious. I just try to get my body out of the door and sweating.

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What are some systems you have in place to successfully get out the door on time?

The only life hack I have for getting out of the house in time, since having my son Harmony, is the absence of moments spent in front of the mirror.... in fact, just not looking in one helps. I tend to stick to wearing a uniform, too, which is actually so freeing. Plus, keeping things to a minimal, for me, feels modern.

I keep spare shoes in the car as I have often arrived somewhere only to realize I am barefoot. My son is always fully dressed, but somehow I have forgotten about myself…. life as a new mum.

What rituals do you practice in taking care of yourself?

Sleep is my most prized personal ritual since becoming a mum and one I sacrifice everything for. 7-9 hours of sleep a night is my happy place. Making smoothies and green juice with Harmony is also my go-to. I try to do little things throughout the day that feel nice and sacred like lighting some Palo Santo when I am cooking, or spraying rose water on my neck and face, drinking water full of lemon from my favourite glass. There is always such sweetness in the little things, I find.

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