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Maly Mann, Painter

Maly Mann, Painter

13 - 12 - 19

With intentions to become a teacher, Los Angeles-based painter Maly Mann subsequently left university to pursue a freelance lifestyle as an artist. A pathway that was always calling, yet blurred with fear. We meet with Maly to speak about the moments that are pivotal in developing creative’s work — time, anxiety, and the courage to call her own boundaries.

Imagery by Nastassia Bruckin

How do you overcome feeling anxious or nervous?

Anxiousness has, and will always be, a strange concept for me. I have never known how to grasp it until it was a part of my reality after I moved to Los Angeles. Though, I am not blaming LA for my sudden rush of anxiety, I think it has always been in me. With that said, it took a bit of time to figure out what methods worked best to ease my nervousness and anxiety. I realized that social media played a big role in the difficulties of calming my mind. I think when things hit heavily I remind myself to take it slow and to take a deep breath. Waking up in the morning and not going directly into my phone, drinking a nice big glass of water, taking a hot bath, and listening to music before I start my day has been a huge help. I do this when I can, and when time permits, but it's always itching on the back of my mind because I know how beneficial it is for me to have a calm day.

Maly Mann1

If you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired, how do go about transforming your thoughts?

This is a tough one, and I have to be the first one to take my own advice here… I have friends who are in the creative field that have this feeling, too, and I notice a common theme: We all tend to bash ourselves and make ourselves smaller than we are because it is so hard to keep moving forward.

The first thing I remember to do is to forgive myself because being uninspired or stuck, as it is, first and foremost, okay. Giving myself space to center emotions. If I can, I try to write down a list of the things I feel are holding me back internally and I ask myself, 'What's not wrong?', and 'How can I use the positives to further aid the negative?'. Taking it one step at a time is essential.

Maly Mann5
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What rituals do you practice in taking care of yourself?

Setting time apart from the rest of my daily activities is my first step to taking care of myself. I have to constantly remind myself that it is okay to say ‘no’ - it is not a bad thing. Having alone time can be the best thing I do to love my body and mind. When I feel captive in my surroundings, I go for a nice long drive and/or take a walk, and give myself some time to be alone in my thoughts.

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