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The French Twist + U Pin

An easy and elegant style for those rushing out the door.

Step 1

Create your parting, then section off the top and clip to one side.

Step 2

Take remaining hair, brush back into pony tail and twist up into roll.

Step 3

Press U pin firmly into base of roll and slide securely down making sure base and roll feel locked together. Loop loose ends up and pin against the top of the roll.

Step 4

Loosely braid front section of hair.

Step 5

Give texture to your braid by letting tension go and gently back-scrunching plait, clip into twist.

Step 6

Effortless and elegant, the French Twist with U Pin will look as though you have spent hours on your hair. Enjoy our Woods Collection U Pin in either light or dark Totara wood.

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Loose + Natural Curl

For curls that look effortless and natural.

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