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Loose + Natural Curl

For curls that look effortless and natural

Step 1

Take a large section (roughly 5x5cm) and twist into tight knots

Step 2

Secure knotted sections with metal U pins

Step 3

Spritz hair with thickening or styling tonic to help curl set. Leave to set for approximately 30minutes. This can be sped up by applying gentle heat from a blow dryer. Allow to cool as this strengthens curl. This can also be done before bed to make mornings hassle free.

Step 4

Undo each u-pin and gently unravel each knotted section

Step 5

With a wide tooth comb, gently break up the mid-lengths and ends

Step 6

Create a generous side-part to allow top layer to express maximum texture.

Sans Journal

Journal Tutorial 2 Overview


The Low Circle Clip

A quick and easy solution for morning hair.

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