Image taken by David Sandison

10 - 06 - 23

Living in London, and represented by the industry’s biggest galleries, Francis has been the New Zealand national representative at the Venice Biennale, won New Zealand’s Walters Prize and shortlisted for the Becks Futures prize. But this status and reputation hasn’t refused her of her dose of humour, an element repeatedly prevalent in her work.

Outside of the studio and gallery walls, Francis is a real green-thumb, enjoying the natural wonders, the patience and the scientific essence of what it takes to produce your own produce. Continuously informed by her childhood experiences and upbringing in the wonderful landscapes of Taranaki, New Zealand, is perhaps the same reason that makes her artworks stand out amongst a crowded industry.

Image taken by David Sandison

Sans Woman

On daily rituals:

I try to do yoga most days, drink glass of Kombucha, cycle ride to work, and always eat a cooked lunch. I don’t like sandwiches. And unless I’m going out, I go to bed pretty early and read.

On growing up in Taranaki, New Zealand:

I visit there every summer, and I think it gave me a love of the sea and of mountains. In terms of art, certainly my interest in ceramics and craft is directly informed from my childhood experiences.

On her love of gardening:

My parents always had a kitchen garden, buying things like herbs and greens seems alien!

On nature informing her work and the process of making:

Currently nature is really present. I’m making Bronzes that have a Nasturtium vibe, and the moulds are being taken from a natural rubber I import from Brasil, which has a very lumpy leathery surface.

"Beauty and joy for me are inextricably linked. The word beauty always makes me think of the faces of people I love, and plants."

On experimenting in the kitchen:

After reading Micheal Pollen’s In Defence of Food I decided to try to use a larger percentage of whole grains in my cooking, and cut down on white rice, which is a staple for me. I’ve been making Kombucha for many years now, and I’m always trying different teas to adjust the flavor- and trying to work out the perfect 2nd fermentation bottling time. I’m trying to work out a perfect breakfast at the moment, and I don’t have it yet, but I think it’s going to be some kind of millet porridge.

I love Auckland’s Little Bird cafe. I’m going to try and learn how to make a version of their Kimchi Chickpea Pancake.

On her most re-read book:

I think I read the Hobbit about 10 times when I was a child, but since then I haven’t re-read it as an adult, so not sure that counts. I read a lot- and don’t tend to re-read fiction, so really it must be River Cafe’s Two Easy cooking book, as it’s full of useful ideas and the recipes all work.

"I always eat a cooked lunch. I don’t like sandwiches."

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