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Music to Getaway To

02 - 02 - 24

Awarding-winning artist Reb Fountain, adored for her spell-binding stage presence and music that’s a magnetic blend of folk, art-pop and rock, has curated a sonic escape for those simmering days when the sun dictates the rhythm, and life unfolds in slow-motion. Tune in, let go, and find solace in the escapist playlist, Music to Getaway To — accompanied by a written word piece by Reb that encapsulates her selection. Perfect listening for the long weekend and beyond...

"It’s too hot to do much of anything. The days revolve around high tide and air con. Everything’s intense and nothing really matters. You got burned at the protest. You fell asleep at the festival. You want to get up and go but before you know it’s 4pm and you still haven’t done the dishes. If one of your friends had a pool you’d be like seals beached on it’s shore. You forgot to make ice. You car is in the shop. It took all day to make chips and guacamole and you still haven’t finished the crossword. You’re not sure if you're officially dating but either way you’d rather talk shit with your friends whilst dangling your feet in the blue shell paddling pool you found on the side of the road. Your therapist is still on holiday. The trains are down. Even the dog refuses to leave the house. Sing a longs last all night like you’re in a dream. Everything feels heavy even the sunflowers. You’re going to the concert … just as soon as get off the couch. You feel like dancing and crying and reminiscing and you do do do. It’s so muggy you’re not sure you can stand it. You spend the day writing a strongly worded letter to the government demanding they do something about climate change … in your head. You want to make a difference … sometimes you think about it. You’re not sure how you feel, but you’d like to know.

The sun beats us to the plate. They always win. There’s nothing for it but to heed the call and slow the day down whilst we keep on trucking. Welcome to the in-between - the middle of the road where your hair dries while you’re stuck at the lights with your head out the window. It’s the same old road in slo-mo and tho we tread the beaten path with fire in our hearts, a little love goes a long way to helping us weather the weight of it all. Sometimes we just need a little lift; a remedy to help us bide the time or take the next step … we don’t have to go too far; we just need to know we are not alone along the way. You press play and music lifts your game. Your cells feel empowered. You feel you’ve travelled to the stars and back just by listening. A tonic for the soul. A popsicle for the senses. Your heart breathes in the sound like an Ōtautahi northwest wind. Thank fuck. Everything makes sense and all of it matters. You’re hot. You remember that you’re human."

Reb Hangs photo credit Kalvin Fountain Best
Reb Ok photo credit Frances Carter

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