Laura Schoorl of Pansy

14 - 07 - 20

Laura Schoorl wants you to feel wonderful in your underwear. The director of sustainable, ethical underwear brand Pansy radiates warmth, comfort and minimalist beauty, and has translated that love for people and nature into a beautifully organic and comfortable range of intimates that celebrates diversity in shapes and sizes. We talked to her about her rituals for inspiration, relaxation and how she works through the challenging moments of entrepreneurship.

Image: Ophelia Mikkelson


If you’re feeling stuck, or uninspired, how do you go about transforming your thoughts?

I try to take time for myself, although, now that I am a mother, it can be hard to come by. Taking photos and arranging objects help me feel more myself. Our photoshoots for Pansy often start with a piece of paper and pencil, in a free moment. I never stop having ideas and I feel grateful to have so many different creative projects that I can pursue. I take every opportunity I can to let my mind wander and explore possibilities.

What practices do you have around analyzing or being critical of your own work?

I usually just go with my gut feelings about my work. I follow my instincts with design and business. I never trained as an artist, designer or business person, so everything I do is really just me figuring it out as I go. The more success I have, the more I learn to trust my instincts. I also ask for constant feedback from my friends and employees.


How do you overcome feeling anxious or nervous?

I try to work through it. If it’s a bigger, ongoing thing, then I try to talk about it, process it and contextualize it, which can be hard when you feel so entrenched in it. I also like to take a step back and realise that, even if everything falls apart, it will be okay and to relinquish control. There are always moments of panic. Running Pansy there are so many moments where I have to push myself but then also let go. It is a constant push and pull.

"I like to take a step back and realise that even if everything falls apart, it will be okay."

What are some systems you have in place to successfully get out the door on time?

This is something I need. I am very forgetful and always late. If it is something very important, I try to give myself enough time both to get dressed and hopefully eat something! I have always been very low maintenance in terms of grooming and dressing. Since having a child, not much has changed except my brain feels even more like a sieve. I’d love to hear any tips!


How do you manage boundaries in relation to technical devices?

I don't, really, except I always put my phone down when I am with friends. It feels good to be fully present when face to face with loved ones.

Do you practice any of your family’s traditions from when you were growing up?

Not much yet except for a love of books! We read a lot.

What rituals do you practice in taking care of yourself?

I love to sleep as much as possible. I say yes to myself, always. I garden to feel grounded, and give my son Pascal copious amounts of kisses.

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