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Jade Sarita Arnott

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Jade Sarita Arnott first founded fashion label Arnsdorf in 2006, relocating it from her hometown of Melbourne to New York. It was a success, showing at fashion week, featuring in the pages of Vogue and worn by Cate Blanchett. But after moving back to Melbourne, taking some time off, and growing her young family, Arnott felt that if and when she reentered the fashion industry, she wanted to do it on her terms, upholding her values, and disrupting a wasteful and oversaturated paradigm in the process. She set out to explore her interest in production transparency, ethics and the environment as much as her background in sculpture, photography and art history, which has always inspired her designs. The result is a quiet but statement-making new direction—eschewing traditional wholesaling and retail to create new ways of connecting directly with women, and doing away with traditional seasons and the prolonged cycles of waste that follow. Everything is made in Arnsdorf’s Collingwood factory and customers can clearly see who produced each garment and at what cost. You can even have your measurements taken for a bespoke experience. It’s an ethos that attracts us to Arnott, and one that we share: at Sans [ceuticals] we aim to disrupt the beauty industry, creating a minimalist, multifunctional collection of products, made in small batches with full ingredient transparency and sustainable packaging and practices. So, of course we couldn’t wait to learn the rituals that shape Arnott’s days. Without further ado…

Photographed by Jessica Tremp

Jade Sarita Arnott

Sans Woman

Ritual for creativity or inspiration…

I find taking a walk, sunshine and running water help ignite my creativity. For me, it's also this combination of private and communal space. Sometimes when I'm designing I need space of my own to get into the flow. I turn the music up, spread my art books all over the floor or table along with objects that inspire me, and then almost in a meditative state, start to blend all this inspiration together. Sometimes I'll cut up images and collage them to spark ideas or cut up garments from previous collections or drape fabric on the mannequin. Other times, when I'm working in the studio with the hum of the sewing machines in the background, the messy chaos of fabrics and patterns all around, and having conversations with my team, the ideas will just come flowing in. I think the key is being in a relaxed state of mind and allowing a safe place for playful exploration.  

Ritual to rejuvenate…

I find water to be such a powerful rejuvenator for me. It washes everything away and offers a clean canvas or slate for body and mind. I love a hot shower in the morning and have the occasional bath when I have a chance. Swimming in the ocean is the ultimate rejuvenation.   

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Ritual with friends and loved ones…

I love sharing a meal with family and friends. My husband and I and our two children have dinner together most nights. My daughter who is 3 and a half always starts the conversation off by saying, "Mama, how was your day? Tell me all about it…" Then we all take turns answering and asking each other about our days. We also read stories together on the couch with my son next to me and my daughter on my lap. I love being close to them, the softness of kissing their smooth cheeks or breathing in the scent of their hair. 

Ritual for productivity and organization…

I'm not a naturally ordered or organized person. I tend to be more of the sprawling creative type with lots of things out simultaneously. I walk to work in the mornings and I find this clears my mind and starts me thinking about the priorities for the day ahead.

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order…

I do really enjoy the sense of calm that comes from having just tidied the house or studio. It's this sense of peacefulness that illuminates. I also really enjoy the satisfaction of vacuuming.

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