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Daniella Rech
Photographer & Designer

Daniella Rech

30 - 05 - 24

Photographer Daniella Rech started her career as a model, and was encouraged to get behind the camera after shooting portraits of her first son. Now she spends her days capturing candid pictures for magazines and fashion labels in Australia and beyond. With an inherent sensuality and honesty, Rech’s images strike a sweet balance between romantic and real. Recently, with her sister Crystal, the mother of two started Summer + Storm, a refreshingly minimalist, understated, tactile and natural childrenswear line. S&S Women came next, an offshoot of gauzy cotton robes. Here, Rech shares intimate self-portraits of her and her son photographed as a little love letter for Sans [ceuticals], and the rituals that get her through life.

Photography by Daniella Rech

Daniella Rech

Sans Woman

Ritual to rejuvenate…

Jump in the ocean if I’m close to it or a warm shower then clean clothes both make me feel so much better.

Ritual with loved ones…

I’m all about sitting around eating amazing food and talking about life.

Ritual for productivity…

I try to keep the house as clean as I can, as I find I function much better when I don’t feel like everything is on top of me. Although lately, because we have been so busy, that has been a bit tricky!

Ritual for creativity & inspiration…

I like to play old school music and just work--once I’m in the zone it all just flows.

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order…

Every night after a shower I have a salt lamp on, oil diffuser set up, and soft music playing in the boy’s room. We read books, and while they are falling asleep I do some form of meditation, either deep breathing or even just laying there thinking good thoughts to make me feel better.

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