Amanda Chantal Bacon

09 - 06 - 23

Introducing our latest Coven woman Amanda Chantal Bacon –– World-traveling chef, mama, sustainable lifestyle leader, passionate food educator & creator of Moon Juice.

Imagery by Nastassia Brückin


Ritual for creativity & inspiration...

These days I don’t have much space and time to actually have a ritual around these things. I can remember years ago when I could actually sit alone for hours and sip tea and burn incense to set a mood.  With work being at an all-time high and a 6-year-old to keep up with I've adapted to a new world, one that I have accepted as being chaotic. My ritual now happens deep inside, its unperceivable from the outside. By taking measures to destress daily I find that there is a part of me that is always quietly living in creativity and inspiration may strike in the middle of the most mundane or chaotic scenes.

Ritual to rejuvenate...

I meditate and drink adaptogenic tonics daily, this truly protects a baseline of vitality. When I need to dive deeper into rejuvenation I will get a massage and make sure to sleep more than 8 hours in one night.

Ritual with friends, family & loved ones...

Cooking food and sitting together. Its timeless, simple and always true. To cook a meal, even as simple as blueberry pancakes and tea, and set a table with my favourite tea towels, flowers or candles will forever be my love ritual.

Ritual to create a sense of calm and order...

Consolidation. I am the consolidation queen. There is nothing that feels more satisfying than emptying drawers and cupboards, combining bags, jars, tubes. Like with like.


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