Transforming Thoughts

29 - 03 - 19

We select our coven of Sans Women based on the fact that they each engage in a practice that is both intelligent and interesting.

Using our platform as a way to open up conversations around the sticky, the gritty, and the pleasurable things in life, we believe these fireside ideas that are worth revisiting and celebrating.

Here, we share a selection of ways in which our Sans Coven work to transform ideas or shift bad habits in order to operate at their most optimum.

Shifting bad energy:

"I do a breathing technique called the Doctor Weil 4, 7, 8 breath. Breathe in for four counts through your nose, hold in for seven, and then release for eight through the mouth, making sure that the tongue is sitting on the roof of your mouth. It helps with stress, internal tension and anxiety."

— Sabrina de Sousa, Founder of Dimes NYC

Breaking through creative blockages:

"Changing my surroundings helps immensely, getting outdoors or jumping on a call with a friend."

— Erica Chidi Cohen, Founder of LOOM

Stimulating productivity:

"Put phone on airplane mode, make a cup of green tea, and get to it."

— Mari Giudicelli, Designer

Overcoming feelings of anxiety:

"Read poetry! Which is like answers rushing ahead, waiting for the questions to catch up."

— Su Wu, Writer + Art Critic

A ritual for sparking creativity:

"Carving out time to write ideas and develop a stream of consciousness."

— Camille Becerra, Chef

Travelling for inspiration:

"I make a concerted effort to spend half of every year away from California. This is my greatest inspiration. For the same reason, I also watch a lot of films."

— Claire Cottrell, Film Maker

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