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Erica Chidi Cohen, Doula and Founder of LOOM

20 - 05 - 24

Aware of the fear, confusion, and physical demands motherhood can deliver, in-demand doula Erica Chidi Cohen has created LOOM: a safe, non-judgmental space that supports women through their journey from periods to fertility and pregnancy to parenting. Offering health & sex education, the practical and spiritual tools for pregnancy and delivery, Erica's approach to motherhood is simply to empower and to nurture. We admire Erica's devotion to this phase is every mother's life, a journey that needs a tender hand, understanding and, of course, practical knowledge. Photographer Nastassia Bruckin visited Erica at her Los Angeles-based home to find out how this natural healer looks after herself...

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On building a creative space:

I love listening to music while I work. Usually I'll put on something ambient to help me get into relaxed headspace, Brian Eno tends to be my go-to. As much as I love community and connecting, I’m an introvert and I typically get my most creative work done when I uninterrupted time alone.

Thoughts on inspiration and transforming thoughts:

Changing my surroundings helps immensely, getting outdoors or jumping on a call with a friend. If I am in the process of writing something or creating new curriculum and I feel stuck I’ll typically put it away for a few days and come back to it in a few days when the block has shifted slightly.

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"Baths at home allow me to release. Alternatively, I’ll make my way to my local Korean spa hopping from the infrared sauna to the wet sauna --- sweating and being in a place that encourages relaxation allows me to reset. Beyond that binge-watching documentaries helps too."

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On managing boundaries surrounding technical devices:

I turn off the notifications for most of the non essentials apps on my phone. I’m also strategic when I'm using Instagram. I often won't look at stories and instead of scrolling through my feed, I’ll go directly to certain accounts that always leave me feeling replenished, inspired or civically engaged and then jump off. I also leave my phone in my bag when I'm going to dinner or connecting with friends, it helps me be fully present to whomever I'm with.

Dinner for One:

One of my favorite meals is a broccoli aglio e olio pasta. It's an oil-based pasta with broccolini, salt-packed anchovies, lots of olive oil and garlic and red crushed peppers. It's a simple dish but it's very satisfying and nourishing. I usually make it at least once a week.

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Overcoming anxious or nervous feelings:

I usually can overcome it by talking about what's happening. Sharing my anxieties has been a very big point of healing for me. Anxieties tend to survive when they're not expressed, talking about them detoxifies them.

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