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Juliet Allen, Sex Therapist

Juliet Allen, Sex Therapist

18 - 06 - 24

Knowing very well the power in having a job title that raises a few eyebrows, Byron Bay-based Sex Therapist Juliet Allen is publicly dismantling the mythology around love making one open conversation at a time. Her approach to sexual pleasure avoids touching on anything too spiritual or overly romantic, instead Allen focuses on arming her audience with practical real-life tools so they can get the most out of their intimate relationships. Her conversation extend from bedroom intimacy between lovers into realms that include friendships and one's own self care and respect. In a world full of power and knowledge being thrown around in too many absent minded ways, we admire Juliet's generosity, frankness and devotion to a all-too-often touchy subject. We visited her at home in the midst of shifting, where we find her serene, engaged and open for discussion.

On creating a creative space:

I really enjoy making my home space and office feel beautiful. I do the simple stuff like light candles (yes, even in the day time), burn essential oils (favourites right now are patchouli, wild orange & lemongrass) and sage the space - I do all this daily . I also open all the windows in my home and allow plenty of fresh air to come through the space all day long. And sex, I enjoy making love a lot (daily, to be exact) - this always kicks starts my creative energy and guarantees a feeling of clarity and peace.

On transforming thoughts:

I swim in the ocean, and I go for walks in nature. Oh yes, and I lie in the sun. All of these things seem to help transform my thoughts. I also listen to a guided meditation by Joe Dispenza called 'Body Parts - Space' (downloadable on his website).

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Practices around analyzing or being critical of one's own work:

If I were to be super honest with you, I'm at a place in my life where I don't criticise my work very often. I enjoy what I do a lot, and I believe I am unique and that this is my gift that I am meant to bring to the world. So I believe in myself, and don't really give a sh*t about what others think. It's easy to create and work from this place within myself.

Overcoming feelings of anxiety or nervousness:

Breath. Stay off caffeine. And therapy - I regularly see my therapist and mentor, I really enjoy spending time and money on therapy because it allows me to understand myself better and helps me uncover my 'stuff' that holds me back from experiencing ultimate freedom and joy.

"I love to make love, this is the easiest way for me to drop out of my head and into my body ... into nothingness and pure joy and pleasure."

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On clearing one's head after a big project:

I spend lots of time in the sun and ocean, especially in Summer. I go away with my beloved in his our van - we sleep in the back and live the simple life in nature for a couple of nights ... this is my favourite way to clear my head. And I guiltily watch hideous trash TV once in a while, this helps me zone out and rebel against the au natural hippy that lives within!

On managing boundaries around technical devices:

Great question! Well my partner and I have a 'no phones in the bedroom' unwritten rule. And when we are spending quality time together we are barely on our phones. If I don't want to be glued to social I just put my phone on silent and pop it on charge, this seems to keep me off it.

On practicing family traditions:

Oh wow, this question made me think. Well we always sat at the dinner table together to eat dinner each evening, so I do my best to do that each night with my daughter. And birthdays we would open presents in our parent's bed, so I've carried that one over with my daughter too. They're the two significant ones that stand out right now.

"I use essential oils every day - I mix them with coconut oil and massage into my skin. I love hot baths. I go for walks in nature daily. And I only eat organic produce and get lots of sleep in my big bed that my beloved and I call 'the cloud'."

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