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Sabrina de Sousa is the co-founder of one of our favourite New York eateries, Dimes. Together with her business partner, chef Alissa Wagner, the talented restaurateur has pioneered a movement towards quick, casual and colourful produce-driven meals that hinge on beautiful bowls—both the savoury and açai variety—that are as nourishing to the body as they are pleasing to the eye and the palate. Since opening in Chinatown in 2013, Dimes has blossomed to include Dimes Deli and Market (where you can find Sans [ceuticals] alongside everything from Japanese condiments and local vegetables to printed rolling papers by artist Tauba Auerbach). On any given day, Dimes’ buzzy Memphis-inspired spaces are filled with a creative crew of artists, designers, writers, skaters and makers, who gravitate towards the warm and enchanting energy the two women have cultivated. To counteract being run off her feet between the three neighbouring shopfronts and the duo’s catering business, de Sousa is a firm believer in rituals and self-care to rejuvenate and restore. Here she shares some of her most valued practices.

Images by Beth Garrabrant

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On the birth of Dimes:

Alissa and I wanted to create a space in the neighborhood that represented foods that we liked to eat. We just felt there wasn’t a place in New York (then) that had really done it—creating simple, good food that wasn’t over the top or too expensive.

On the importance of breathing:

I do this breathing technique called the Doctor Weil 4, 7, 8 breath. Breathe in for four counts through your nose, hold in for seven, and then release for eight through the mouth, making sure that the tongue is sitting on the roof of your mouth. It helps with stress, internal tension and anxiety. I do a set of four, twice a day.

On clearing out the cobwebs:

Twice a year I try to do a parasite cleanse with colonics. Colon detoxes are so important and can help reverse diseases while creating an environment in our gut (which houses 80% of our immunity!) for optimum vitality.

On centering oneself:

Achieving balance is a priority of mine. I'm prone to high levels of stress but have come up with a few ways to tamp it down. Taking long walks with my dog, Mars, and catching up with friends are great ways to normalize my day to day.

On cooking rituals:

Eating balanced foods is very important for me. If I overdo it with certain vices (which we all do), I make sure to listen to my body and make my way back to eating wholesome ingredients. I always eat probiotic rich foods and take apple cider vinegar with lemon every morning. When I cook for myself, I usually just see what I have around and freestyle it. I'm pretty well stocked with a variety of spices; it's the one thing I always use to amp up flavour. I’ve been very into my rice cooker lately—I throw all the ingredients together and let it do its thing. I usually have pickled red onion in the fridge that I like to throw on everything.

"I always collaborate and evolve. The moment things feel stagnant, it’s time for a little change."

On a book that inspires:

The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky—this man has definitely lived his life with substance!

On creating a sanctuary at home:

My home is very me. There are some quirks and elements of humor that create a relief from my serious design aesthetic. I think it’s really important for my home to take shape at any time; I’m constantly moving furniture around and building things. Daydreaming about how I can make my personal space more me is the best part of my day.

On her advice to young women starting out in the hospitality industry:

Make sure you have treasure chest full of grit. There will be times when giving up seems like the only option but you have to keep reminding yourself why you chose to get there in the first place.

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"Daydreaming about how I can make my personal space more me is the best part of my day."

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Sans Woman

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