Sans [ceuticals] | Jaclyn Hodes, Awave Awake Designer

Jaclyn Hodes, Awave Awake Designer

Imagery by Nastassia Bruckin

30 - 05 - 24

"I have begun to use my Sans and am loving it all — the packaging, the scent and the effects. My hair has been exceptionally blessed by the wash and conditioner!" — Jaclyn Hodes

Sans Jaclyn 38 Copy
Sans Jaclyn 47 Copy
Sans Jaclyn 41 Copy
Sans Jaclyn 50 Copy
Sans Jaclyn 51 Copy
Sans Jaclyn 59 Copy

Sans Journal

Sans Harry Were Coven Nz 17 Copy

Sans Woman

Harriet Were, Photographer

Harriet has been part of our coven from the very beginning and is an endless source of inspiration to us. Here she is bathing and flower arranging at her Auckland-based home....

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