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Ask Lucy:
How do you make hair less frizzy?

30 - 05 - 24

Frizz — not much fun. The good news: it's surprisingly easy to solve. We chat to our founder Lucy about the root cause of frizz and simple tips to bring hair back into line.

Ask Lucy

Frizzy, dry, brittle hair is caused by a lack of lipids (oil). Lipids are our body’s own natural oils and are formed in the hair follicle. They contribute to waterproofing (preventing moisture loss), lubrication, smoothing and sheen. Without these natural oils, our hair becomes brittle, dry and dull, curls cannot work in a collective form, becoming unruly and frizzy.

"Frizzy, dry, brittle hair is caused by lipid loss, or damage to the hair’s hydro-lipid barrier."

The two key factors that influence this:

INTERNAL: As hair grows out from the follicle, it passes the sebaceous glands receiving a glorious coating on its way into the world. Curly hair has a less linear journey. As it spirals upwards, it bypasses these key glands, resulting in less nourished hair fibres. Lipids loss can also come from a decline in lipid production — a by-product of the aging process.

EXTERNAL: Hair colouring, hot tools, blow drying and poor-quality shampoo’s that contain aggressive foaming agents will strip natural oils.

Tips to tame the frizz…

  • Don’t over cleanse and find the perfect frequency, be it once or twice a week.

  • Use a gentle, nourishing shampoo formula that doesn’t strip your natural sebum.

  • Use a conditioner that has a high concentration of lipids: our Nourishing Hair Hydratant Ultra+ contains four times the beneficial ingredients of most conditioners.

  • Lastly, to intensify hydration, we recommend applying a pH corrector to the hair. This flattens the hair cuticle (the outer layer that has been damaged, is rough and open) to lock in vital lipids and moisture to bring spring, resilience and softness back to hair.

Styling tip:

A common mistake with curly/frizzy hair, is when people constantly touch and rake their hands through their hair in an effort to calm it down. This only serves to exacerbate frizz, breaking it up and disrupting the collective form.

Some hard and fast rules to for styling are: + Only comb in the shower with the conditioner in.

  • Post shower, gently blot with a towel to remove moisture

  • Gently push into place/style and wait for it to dry – I always recommend washing hair at night, then sleeping on it. Going out into the day with wind, movement and the temptation to fiddle will result in wayward hair. Once hair has dried in its proper form, it can be shaken into shape sans the frizz.

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