Seasonal Prescription

17 - 10 - 23

Many of us are racing to the end of the year. From this month’s vantage point, we can see busy days with work, weekends and looming festive celebrations. It’s time to get prepared with our Sans Seasonal Booster.

The key to this season’s success is a multivitamin crafted for modern living. Like Sans, it’s a reliable multitasker, including all the nutrients and herbs to give you the energy, focus and stress relief to see the year through. Plus, it has the bonus of supporting hair growth and skin health.

Don’t just buckle up for the ride. See the year out in style.

Seasonal Prescription

Sans Woman

Here’s what you’ll receive in this seasons boost...

— 1x Full-size jar MULTI-TASKER {energy-stress} 60 tablets Multivitamin — a true multitasker that supports modern living

Value: $75

Automatically included with orders over $140 NZD. Whilst stocks last.


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Sans Woman

Limited edition Holiday Gift Sets

Celebrate the sun-soaked season with three expertly curated hair, face, and body kits to fully recharge, whether you’re basking at home or beaching abroad..

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