Seasonal Prescription

08 - 09 - 22

We’re out of the woods and into the meadow! Spring is finally in the air. We’re excited to acknowledge this seasonal shift with our Spring Prescription Kit.

Now is the time to supercharge your self-care. This perfect prescription will help gently ease your mind, body and soul out of hibernation.

Plus, it’s free with every purchase over $150 at Sans [whilst stocks last].

So, take a moment to stock up on your favourite products, and this Spring Prescription Kit will be the beneficial bonus.

Seasonal Prescription

Sans Woman

Here’s what you’ll find in your Spring Prescription Kit...

— 20ml Sans Bio Active Body Exfoliant mini

— 20ml Sans Barrier Restore Body + Hand Butter mini

— 40g of The Gut Co FEED powder

— 40 serve jar of Mayde Tea Green Sencha

—  One month Sala Online membership

Value: $80+

2 O6 A0037

Sans Journal

2 O6 A6585 landing

Sans Woman

Tracey Tawhiao

An incredible artist, activist, mother and beacon of wisdom, we talked to Tracey Tawhiao about sourcing inspiration from nature and the stories of her ancestors to create art rich in positive meaning..

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